• Bemis Support Arms are Ergonomically positioned to properly support the user through the sitting and standing process
  • Seat is hinged allowing ring, cover and support arms to be lifted and placed in upright position for easy cleaning and standing use of the toilet
  • The Snap 2 Secure system allows the user to push unevenly on the support arms without the seat loosening
  • Arms are permanently mounted to the seat providing strength and sucrity for the user: Passed Static Load test at 250 lbs each arm
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel arms with larger diameter for proper grip and greater security
  • Heavy duty, solid plastic seat is extremely durable; will not buckle or crack
  • Special ring bumpers for added security
  • Hinged seat provides exceptional access for quick and easy cleaning
  • Seat's smooth, glossy surface is stain resistant and easy to clean

Support Arms Require Additional Clearance

Confirm the clearance in your bathroom

  • From center line of the bowl, minimum of 14" of clearance required on each side
  • Confirm no toilet paper holder or other items are in the 14" clearance zone on each side

Why is this additional clearance required?

  • Bemis Support Arms are attached to a hinged seat
  • When the seat is lifted to the upright position, the Support Arms rest on each side of the toilet tank
  • The hinged seat and arms make cleaning quick and easy
  • The Support Arms must be wider than the toilet tank